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Experience fiduciary services at their finest with Rich & Company. In the realm of fiduciary responsibility, we serve as your trusted financial ally. Fiduciary services from Rich & Company means we act solely in your interest, managing and safeguarding your wealth with the utmost integrity. We ensure every financial decision, from strategic planning to execution, aligns with your unique goals. Our duty extends beyond service provision—it’s about fostering a relationship of trust and advocating for you in the complex landscape of wealth management.

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Rich & Company doesn’t just stop at fiduciary services. We offer a broad spectrum of financial solutions like Estate Planning and Management, Private Investment Services, and Insurance Evaluation. Benefit from our expertly crafted Family Banking Strategy services, Personal Budgeting, and convenient Bill Pay Solutions. Enjoy the luxury of our Concierge Services, tailored to meet your unique needs. Start your journey towards financial security and peace of mind with Rich & Company today.

What is a Fee-only Advisor, and why should I hire one?

First- Let’s talk about the fiduciary relationship:

Perhaps the most important financial decision you will make (for both you and your family) is picking the right financial advisor. In today’s technology driven economy, many choose to go it alone or pick an advisor that is the least expensive. But are these really the best options?

A financial advisor that is a fiduciary places their client’s needs first. There are no products to sell, no conflicts of interest, no sales pitches. At Rich & Company, we use the term “trusted advisor” for all our client relationships. This is more than just a catch phrase. Our clients have placed one of their most precious assets with us, their trust. Something that can take a lifetime to earn, but only an instant to destroy.

A fee-only advisor is a fiduciary that should be focused on your interests, all the time. How is this different from an advisor you work with now? The differences may seem subtle to you, but they could result in significant fees (and investment losses) if you are not asking the right questions:

  1. Does your advisor only offer investments found through their broker or custodian? This does not speak to publicly traded stocks, but to investments, loans, or insurance that are offered to you.
  2. Are you closely monitoring the fee schedule? Do you check for commissions that may be automatically taken from your account?
  3. When you bring an investment to your advisor, how do they react? For example, if you tell them you want to invest in real estate, do they instantly refer you to a fund they are selling or do they assist you in evaluating the information you provided?
  4. When you mention the phrases: Private Placements, Venture Capital, or Private Equity, does your advisor suddenly start trying to discourage you with words like “High Risk”, “Poor Liquidity” or “Better Alternatives”?

In each of the above situations, the advisor is not putting the client interest first, but only treats the client’s best interests as a suggestion.

How We are Different:

As your trusted advisor, we are intimately aware of not only your investment strategy, but your tax strategy, personal budgeting goals, and lifestyle. Therefore, every decision and recommendation we make is in your best interest, not ours.

If you need tax advice on an investment, we can provide that. You don’t need to be referred to a separate advisor for that or worry about bringing your current CPA up to speed. If you are concerned about liquidity, cash flow, and other factors of an investment, we can handle that as well. If you are looking at selling or buying a business, we can assist you with that as well- and how that fits into your overall financial plan.

What About Fees:

Our fees are simple. We collect a flat fee based on the amount of assets you wish to place under our care as a trusted advisor. What is included? Everything or anything. Simply need a financial plan? We can provide you with one. Need someone to develop a portfolio of investments, balance a customized tax strategy, personal budget, and prepare/file your tax returns? Our team can handle that as well.