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At Rich & Company, the finesse of financial mastery intersects with targeted strategy. Here, the unrivaled intellect of Wall Street marries the simplicity of Main Street. In this confluence, we have meticulously crafted a suite of high-touch, personalized financial services that are as unique as you are. Our mission is to help you navigate the intricacies of wealth – from heavy-hitting tax strategies to day-to-day bill payments – to free up your time so you can focus on the most important aspects of your life. Be it safeguarding your wealth, growing it, or mapping its trajectory across generations, we’ve got the expertise, the vision, and the unwavering commitment to make it happen. Your journey to unprecedented financial success starts here.

Tax advisory 1 min

Our tax strategists aren’t just advisors; they’re your personal wealth guardians. We are adept at traversing the intricate labyrinth of the tax world, deftly evading pitfalls and capitalizing on opportunities. They work towards forming a formidable shield around your assets, minimizing liabilities, and maximizing returns. Our expertise converts tax challenges into strategic opportunities. It’s a chess game with stakes as high as your ambitions. You make the money; we’ll protect it. This isn’t simply a service. It’s a well-crafted strategy designed to fortify your financial citadel against the relentless tides of taxation. It’s a match we’re prepared to win.

Our Multi-Family Office Services go beyond simple wealth management; they combine all aspects of your financial world in a cohesive and harmonious plan. This includes your wealth, your estate, and your family. We understand the complexities of managing wealth across generations and we create a comprehensive strategy to do just that. More than managing your assets, we create a solid financial plan for your family’s future. The outcome is a powerful financial legacy that lasts. We’re always there, ensuring every element of your financial plan is functioning seamlessly, providing a service that truly represents your family’s wealth and prestige.

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Estate planning and management min
Your estate is more than just property; it’s a fortress symbolizing your legacy. Our estate planners are the sentinels, vigilantly working to fortify your stronghold and ensure smooth transitions. The true power of our estate planning strategy lies in its foresight. It’s not simply about arranging the current state of affairs, but meticulously planning for the future. It’s about establishing a clear plan for asset distribution upon the eventuality of death, and ensuring this plan is properly funded. By assigning your trust as the beneficiary of your assets, as appropriate, we’re taking a proactive step toward securing your family’s financial future. Estate planning with us isn’t just about managing; it’s about preparing, securing, and ensuring a smooth transition for your legacy when the time comes.
Our Private Investment Services are led by seasoned professionals who act as trusted guides. They are skilled at understanding market dynamics and identifying lucrative opportunities within the realm of private investments. These financial experts steer your wealth towards prospects that align with your unique aspirations. Every investment decision reflects your vision, echoing the breadth of your ambitions. We don’t just present opportunities; we meticulously align them with your objectives, facilitating a focused investment journey. We’re here to assist you in harnessing the power of private investments, driving growth, and maintaining security. It’s about making your wealth work for you.
Private investment services min
Fiduciary services min
When it comes to our Fiduciary Services, we’re more than just your advisors. We’re your steadfast allies. Trust is the cornerstone of our relationship, and we labor to earn it, not just once but every day, with every decision we make on your behalf. Our fiduciary professionals act with unswerving discretion and integrity, committed to managing your assets with meticulous care. Having your best interests is our priority, always. In every transaction, every negotiation, and every strategic move, we’re in your corner, ensuring the choices made align perfectly with your financial goals. This isn’t just service; it’s steadfast loyalty to your financial success.
In crafting a robust Family Banking Strategy, we lay the financial bedrock for your family empire. We don’t just manage wealth; we build streamlined, effective family banking systems that give you the reins to your assets. Our role is to empower you, providing you with the tools to protect your wealth and perpetuate prosperity for generations. This involves thorough planning, a deep understanding of your family dynamics, and astute financial acumen. We’re here to build a fiscal infrastructure that fosters stability, encourages growth, and, above all, ensures the resilience of your family’s financial future. It’s your wealth, your lineage; we’re simply the architects helping you design its future.
Family banking strategy min
Insurance evaluation min
With our Insurance Evaluation service, we place your protection at the forefront. Our team meticulously dissects each insurance policy, scrutinizing the fine print and evaluating coverage and cost-effectiveness. Our job is to ensure that the protection you have in place matches the assets you’ve worked so hard to acquire. Our commitment doesn’t end there. We continuously monitor and reassess your insurance needs as your life evolves, managing the smaller details so that you can focus on the bigger picture. This isn’t just about assessing policies; it’s about ensuring that you’re safeguarded against life’s unexpected turns so that you can stride forward with confidence.
Personal Budgeting forms the backbone of your financial stability. Our team excels in creating budgets that echo your lifestyle and future objectives. We meticulously balance income, expenses, and savings, constructing a financial blueprint that optimizes your wealth. Our goal isn’t just to manage your wealth but to ensure it is working as hard as you do. Our task is to streamline your cash flow, reduce unnecessary outgoings, and maximize your potential for savings and investments. We handle the nuts and bolts of your financial plan, so you can focus on living the life you’ve earned. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about financial peace of mind.
Personal budgeting min
Bill pay min
Our Bill Pay service is designed with one goal in mind – convenience. We shoulder the burden of managing your daily financial transactions, ensuring every bill is paid promptly, accurately, and hassle-free. From utilities to subscriptions, we’ve got you covered. Our reliable team tracks due dates, manages outflows, and provides detailed reports for your review. This isn’t just about taking care of payments; it’s about granting you the freedom to focus on what matters most in your life. Trust us to manage the routine so you can concentrate on the extraordinary. It’s your life; enjoy it without financial distractions.
Our Concierge Services go beyond mere convenience; they’re about enhancing your lifestyle. We handle a myriad of tasks, from the everyday to the complex, giving you the freedom to dedicate your time to your passions and ambitions. We manage the fine details, coordinate your schedules, and handle your personal requirements with utmost care and discretion. This service isn’t just about ticking off tasks; it’s about creating a seamless, stress-free experience, letting you live the life you’ve built. Consider us your personal concierge, diligently working behind the scenes, so you can take center stage in the narrative of your life.
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Your Wealth. Your Legacy. Our Expertise.

No matter the twists and turns of your financial landscape, we stand ready. Our team of seasoned professionals works around the clock to ensure your wealth remains secure, dynamic, and perfectly calibrated to your aspirations. When you partner with us, you’re not just another client. You become a part of a legacy, a lineage that’s sculpted with unmatched precision and handled with reverence. We’re not just managing your wealth, we’re curating your financial journey, crafting a story that will echo through generations. If you’re ready to transform those dollars into enduring legacies, then let’s embark on this journey together. Get in touch with us today.